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Death By Dangerous Driving Prosecution Withdrawn Due to Incorrect Signage

A driver who knocked over and killed a pedestrian will not be prosecuted.


Mr Campbell, who killed Jaye Bloomfield on a pedestrian crossing as he drove at 49mph in a 30mph zone, will not be prosecuted as an “unofficial” speed sign was used.


A red ‘unofficial’ speed sign had been placed, which Mr Campbell had not seen.


This technicality means that no charges could be brought against Mr Campbell, who would have faced up to 14 years in custody had he been convicted of death by dangerous driving.


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Death By Dangerous Driving

It is a driver’s worst nightmare.


To have the vehicle that you may use every single day, the vehicle that may be your livelihood, become a weapon that causes death to another person is indescribably horrific.


If you are charged with death by dangerous driving, chances are you will have no criminal record and no experience of the legal system.  Following the incident, you will be interviewed by the police and given a Court hearing date.


While coming to terms with the devastation of the incident itself, you will be forced to handle an intimidating and old-fashioned legal system where most people will treat you as a number.


You may be advised to contact a Legal Aid solicitor.  This is a double-edged sword.  While this means that you can access the free of charge, government funded legal assistance, you can only do this because the charge against you is so serious you may be sentenced to a prison sentence.


You may realise that the Legal Aid service is not what you want for this hugely important case.  You may have decided that to ensure your case is prepared and presented as well as possible, you need to invest in a specialist motoring solicitor who can devote the time and skills to your case that it desperately requires.


You will understand more than anyone that the potential consequences of your death by dangerous driving charge are utterly life-changing.


Whether you decide to plead guilty, or take the matter to trial, your case will be sent to the Crown Court where you will either be sentenced (if found guilty) or you will have your trial conducted.


Is it really worth the investment of a specialist motoring law firm to represent you, you may wonder, when you qualify for Legal Aid?


Steve WilliamsOur senior solicitor, Steve Williams, answered this question recently:


“A surprisingly high number of our clients do qualify for Legal Aid because they are facing very serious charges, such as death by dangerous driving.  These people realise how vital it is to have the absolute best representation, and instruct my firm because they realise the value that we can offer as opposed to a Legal Aid general practice.


“We understand that our clients don’t have an endless amount of money to spend on legal representation, especially when they are facing potential disqualifications that may mean they lose their income.  That is why we always work on a fixed fee that is agreed with clients up front.  We are passionate about providing outstanding advocacy and client care at a price that reflects the amount of time and dedication that we devote to each case.”




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Driving wrong way on motorway exit road

‘I have been charged with driving the worng way up a motorway slip road’

You would think that with all of this snow it would be quiet on the motoring law front but it seems not.

car in snowI am getting lots of calls from people who have received a notice of intended prosecution for careless, even dangerous driving for driving the wrong way up a motorway exit. It seems that with a lot of motorways blocked people were turning around and getting off the motorway.  Some times they were ordered to by Police officers, sometimes it seemed the only thing to do.

What can you do if you are caught up in this? My guess is that a camera triggers a lot of these Notice of Intended Prosecutions, I would suggest writing to the police and advising them of the circumstances, if they insist on prosecuting then it is unlikely that you will have a defence as such BUT – there is a way to avoid points.

If you receive a summons contact us immediately and we will advise how to argue that there are special reasons not to put any points on your licence. We will be able to offer expert representation in court to try and ensure that you do not get any points on your licence.

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