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Speeding Penalties: 112mph in a 70mph Zone

At Derby Magistrates’ Court this week, Rachel Lundgren was relieved to be told by the court that she was about to be disqualified from driving for 28 days.


Although this might sound strange, for Rachel it was her desired outcome and the sentence that Forrest Williams had been conscientiously working towards as they prepared her case.


Although Rachel had a clean licence at the time of her speeding offence (112mph in a 70mph zone), she made her case worker aware that whilst waiting for the summons to come through she had committed two further motoring offences – using a mobile phone and driving through a red light.


Each of the most recent offences carries 3 points, which meant that, shortly after the court date for her speeding offence, Rachel would be facing a total of 6 penalty points being endorsed to her licence. Forrest Williams made Rachel aware that, should she be given 6 points for her speeding offence, a further 6 points would mean she faced a 6 month disqualification under the ‘totting up’ provisions if she could not conduct a successful Exceptional Hardship application.


In order to try and avoid this scenario, Rachel’s case worker prepared a detailed statement for court, and suggested other documents that could help with the barrister’s mitigation on the day of the hearing.


Rachel accepts that she had been running late for a business meeting on the date in question, and apologised to the court for speeding. She told Forrest Williams that she has learned from this experience and will be more mindful of abiding by the law in future. She said she feels that obtaining her desired outcome in court was only possible due to the professional preparation and presentation of her case in court by Forrest Williams, and thanked her case worker and all involved for their support and assistance.


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