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Our People

At Forrest Williams, we believe that every single member of our team is of vital importance to our success as a business.  We have grown organically, often with new team members asking to join us before positions have existed. As our commitment to excellence has been noticed, we have been able to consistently work only with people of the highest caliber at all levels of our organisation.    

Steve Williams: Director


Regularly described as the best motoring solicitor in the country, Steve is known for his advocacy skills and robust defence of clients.  His technical knowledge of all motoring matters is unparalleled.   His down to earth advice is appreciated by celebrities and the rest of us alike, all of whom also appreciate the sensitive handling of their cases and respect for their privacy. 

Steve has represented clients in over 200 courts around the country and is respected by prosecutors and Magistrates the length and breadth of the country. Travelling up to 40,000 miles a year, Steve understands the situations lots of drivers find themselves in.   He has also appeared in Germany and Cyprus representing servicemen charged with motoring offences in courts martials, and was one of the first solicitors granted Higher Rights of Audience, allowing him to appear in Higher Courts.   He is married and father to two daughters.   In his spare time he enjoys watching most sports, including (although rarely enjoying!) his home football club, Birmingham City.  

In the office, Steve is teased for asking where files are, when they are usually on his desk!

Katie Forrest: Director

Katie ForrestKatie Forrest has several years’ experience of the law industry as well as experience of starting and building businesses outside of the industry.  Katie established Forrest Williams and has been a key part of the firm’s success.  

Katie’s biggest strength is her genuine level of care for all clients.  She has been known to laugh and cry with clients, and regularly sends gifts and maintains contact with clients after their cases have ended.  

As Business Development Manager, Katie is constantly looking for ways to improve and develop the company.  Katie maintains a full paralegal role as Forrest Williams believe you can only develop a business that you understand and care about.   Outside of work, Katie is married with a daughter.   In the office, Katie is teased for her poor geography and is known to ask questions like, “isn’t County Durham in Ireland?”

Helen Newman

Helen Newman, Trainee Solicitor, is highly regarded for her technical knowledge and assertive nature.   Helen joined the team in early 2012 and from day 3 was running the office and getting everything in order (literally – the firm had just moved offices and Helen quickly sourced new office furniture!)  

Helen has a wealth of experience both on the administrative and customer care sides, and her ability to connect with people mixed with a touch of the perfectionist in her helps ensure she prepares the best possible case for her clients.   In her non-working life, Helen is a busy wife and mother with a love of reading, cooking and interior design.  

In the office, Helen is teased for becoming more funny and entertaining when she is sleep-deprived!


Nigel Johnson

Nigel Johnson, Accounts Manager, joined Forrest Williams after ten years working in the teaching sector in both a voluntary and professional capacity. 

Nigel has a great attention for detail and ability to concentrate and focus on detailed work.  He loves the responsibility and autonomy of his position and has created many accounts systems that streamline work for the rest of his team.

Outside of work, Nigel’s main interest is astronomy.  He is an active committee member of the local astronomy group. Because of his background in teaching, he was asked to take on the role of Night Sky Course Coordinator.  

In the office, Nigel is teased for never having a drink – or food – during working hours!

 Hayley Ginniver

Hayley Ginniver

Hayley Ginniver joined Forrest Williams as an office assistant in February 2016.

She quickly impressed the team with her quick learning, use of initiative, and work ethic.

Hayley fitted in so well that she has now been offered the role of Administration Assistance and Apprentice.

Hayley lives locally with her family and her interests outside of work are art and music.

Our Partners

At Forrest Williams, we do things differently.   One of our core objectives is to develop strong and lasting relationships with the best partners in our field.   While we know that some other motoring firms choose the forensic experts and barristers’ Chambers they work with based on price and last-minute availability, we hand select the few partners who meet our strict requirements.