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Dangerous Driving Solicitors.


Do I need to be represented by a Dangerous Driving Solicitor?



Dangerous driving is a very serious matter, you will definitely be disqualified and may go to prison. It is vital that you get expert advice from a dangerous driving solicitor as soon as possible.


Even if you have not been charged we can liaise with the police and make representations to avoid you being charged or charged with the less serious offence of careless driving.



What can Forrest Williams do for me?



As dangerous driving solicitors, we will give you straightforward, no-nonsense advice. We realise how serious this sort of charge is to you and we will take the time to explain your options in a jargon-free way. We will explore all avenues of defence and will do our best to make sure you are found not guilty. 


We may be able to convince the Crown Prosecution Service to accept a lower charge of careless driving and work to avoid you a ban. We can call expert evidence to help you. We are experts in Cross Examination and we will put the Prosecution case to the test.  


It is vital that you get advice as soon as possible. To prepare the best defence possible, we need to get started immediately to avoid any evidence or witnesses being lost. Contact us as soon as possible for free initial advice.  


Forrest Williams specialise as dangerous driving solicitors and represent clients throughout the UK.  We are recognised by the prestigious world wide Legal 500 as leading solicitors in this area.


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What’s the difference between dangerous driving and careless driving?


Dangerous driving is very similar to careless driving, but more serious.


The prosecution have to prove that your driving fell well below the standard of a careful and competent driver, and that it should have been obvious to a careful driver that driving in that way would be dangerous.


Basically, in layman’s terms, it’s how bad the driving was. If the driving was just below the expected standard then it would be careless driving, if it was way below the expected standard it may be dangerous driving.  


Careless and dangerous driving: what’s the difference?




Does it make a difference?


Yes, definitely. Dangerous driving can carry a prison sentence of up to two years. If you are found guilty of dangerous driving then the Court must disqualify you from driving for a minimum of 12 months.


You will also be required to re take your test. You can be disqualified for careless driving but the court don’t have to. You will receive points for careless driving of between 3 to 9 points.


What sort of thing might be considered dangerous driving?


There is no limit to what might amount to dangerous driving but examples are: excessive speeding, overtaking in a dangerous place, or driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.  


A summons for dangerous driving is often issued after an accident but there doesn’t have to have been an accident.  


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