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Drink Driving Special Reasons.


If you have been charged with drink driving then the court has to disqualify you for a minimum of 12 months unless you can show that there are Special Reasons for Drink Driving.


It is not easy to establish Drink Driving Special Reasons. You will need to give evidence and will be cross examined by the prosecution who will try to show that special reasons do not exist.  If the court accept that there are special reasons then they can use their discretion not to disqualify you.


There are three main Special Reasons for drink driving:  


1. Emergency   If you can show that you had no choice but to drive then the court will let you keep your licence even though you were over the limit and guilty of drink driving.  


2. Shortness of distance driven   The court will allow you to keep your licence if you can show that you only drove a very short distance.  


3. Spiked drinks   This is where we established our reputation as expert motoring lawyers. We use a strategy that most other solicitors, even motoring solicitors, don’t use. As a result we have a success rate of over 94%.



If you believe that someone bought you an alcoholic drink when you asked for a non-alcoholic drink, or that there was more alcohol in the drink, then you may be able to keep your licence even if you were over the limit.  


Recent examples we have had are:  


  • A wife wanted to cheer her husband up and kept adding vodka to his cans of cider.  They then argued and he drove off.  


  • A friend bought a round of drinks and accidentally gave the driver the vodka and coke instead of coke.  


  • A friend was topping the driver’s glass of wine up every time he went to play pool. The driver thought he had had just one glass of wine and didn’t realise it kept being topped up.   Knowing that her friend wasn’t driving she gave him doubles instead of singles as a thank you for helping her move. He later had to drive and only found out after that he had had twice as much to drink as he thought.  


At Forrest Williams, our experience in motoring law has enabled us to become specialised drink drive solicitors. We have given expert representation to many drivers put in this position and have often been able to save their licence. All cases are thoroughly prepared and overseen by Steve Williams who has been described by many as the best drink driving solicitor in the country and is recognised in the prestigious Legal 500 as a leader in the field.   



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