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Charged with drink driving? You may have a defence. We will give you an honest appraisal of your chances of success. We will review your papers and outline any defences together with the likelihood of success.


If there is no defence to the allegation of drink driving we will work to get the disqualification reduced. We will take a full statement from you and build a strong mitigation which will then be presented in court by one of our team of advocates.



Sometimes there is no defence but there are good grounds for avoiding a disqualification. These grounds are called special reasons. See the page below to see whether there are any special reasons that apply in your case to avoid a disqualification.



Caught Speeding? You may be facing a ban depending upon the speed. We can advise you as to the likely outcome. If you are facing a ban we can build a case to try and avoid this or if unavoidable then reduce the length of the ban.



Careless driving is not straight forward. Was your driving careless or just an unavoidable accident? Depending on how serious the court view it they may be considering a ban. We can help you avoid that.



If the police consider your driving to have fallen well below what is expected of a good driver then they may charge you with dangerous driving. If you are convicted of dangerous driving you will face an automatic 12 month ban and have to take an extended re test. We will advise you if you have a defence and build a strong case for you. 



If you get 12 points within a 3 year period  you will face a ‘totting up’ ban. The court have to disqualify you for 6 months unless you can show that you, or someone else, will suffer exceptional hardship. This is not an easy application to make. You will have to give evidence and be cross examined. We have a great deal of experience in these cases and a high rate of success. We can help you avoid a ban.



We can help with all motoring matters, see this page for further details.


Forrest Williams have an exemplary track record in successfully defending motorists in cases throughout the Country. The firm is headed up by Steve Williams, a specialist motoring solicitor, with over 20 years experience in motoring law.



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