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Solicitors Defending Speeding Offences.

As speeding solicitors, we see that with the ever-increasing number of speed cameras around, speeding is a very common offence. It is easy to mistake the speed limit or not realise that you are just over the limit.


Last year there were over 4 million speeding summonses dealt with by the Courts, some of which were defended successfully by a speeding solicitor such as Forrest Williams.  


Normally you will have been photographed by a speed camera or followed by a police car. Many people think that if there is a photo of them speeding then there is nothing that they can do about it.   This is not the case.  


Speed cameras make errors and there are a number of reasons for this. Cases have been thrown out of Court where the Court has been satisfied that, for example, the reading was as a result of the police officer’s error. This is not about ‘getting away with it’ but simply making sure that the police case is accurate.


What happens if I’m caught speeding?





Do I need a specialist speeding solicitor?


You will want advice on whether you should plead guilty or whether there are any defences available. Remember that if you get 12 points on your licence within 3 years then the Court must disqualify you unless you can convince them not to.  


As a speeding solicitor, we do not advise defending cases on principle. Principles are costly and we want to make sure that you keep your licence.


It is much harder to ask for leniency from the Court if you have pleaded not guilty and they find you guilty. If we believe that you have a defence you can be sure we will do everything we can to ensure the Court finds you not guilty.


We will defend your case with vigour and leave no stone unturned. We just believe you need to choose your fight carefully and do not recommend fighting lost causes.  








How can Forrest Williams help?


If you believe that the reading is incorrect we will challenge it. As we are specialist motoring lawyers and speeding solicitors, we are able to call upon some of the leading experts in the world to join your defence team to argue your case. They will assist us in going through the case in detail and highlighting any errors.


You should not simply accept the reading if you know it is wrong. We do not advise you to plead not guilty unless we are confident that you have a defence.


If we think that the Court will probably find you guilty then we will tell you this.   We can represent you in Court; either to defend the case or simply to present it in the best light possible.


If you want to plead guilty by post, and the Court allows it, then we can help you prepare what is called a letter of mitigation. This is a letter sent to the Court explaining the circumstances and putting your point of view in such a way to ensure maximum credit and leniency from the Court.


We have years of experience and know how to present a case in writing that will maximise the chance of the Court being lenient.  


How much will it cost to be defended by our speeding solicitors?


Legal Aid is not available for speeding matters. We offer a fixed fee service; what we quote is what you pay. We will also tell you separately what the cost of any expert will be.


If you plead not guilty and we win, we will claim your costs back from the Court and refund you all of the costs we recover.


There may be other charges related to your speeding offense such as  careless driving, dangerous driving or even drink driving.  



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