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Charged with Drink Driving? – Help is at hand; as specialist drink driving solicitors we may be able to save your licence.  We understand how important this is to you, we know that you probably have never been in trouble before and do not know the procedure. You may be worried about the publicity or that people will judge you. We will take you through every stage of the process making sure you understand what is going to happen.


Drink Driving is a serious matter that can lead to a prison sentence. The court has to disqualify you if you are convicted. This often leads to a loss of employment and financial difficulties. We know that it is important to try and keep you on the road or at the very least keep the ban as low as possible.


The law on drink driving is very complex, if your licence is important to you it is vital you take advice from a dedicated drink driving solicitor. We can often help to prevent you losing your licence. 



Case Study: Mr A was charged with drink driving. He had provided a urine sample but the police only took one sample; they split it into 2 and said that counted as 2 samples.

Result: the court threw the case out, client kept his licence and our costs were repaid to him.  

There are very strict guidelines that the police have to follow. If they do not follow these then the court have to throw the case out. Our team is well trained in the intricacies of motoring law, and as specialist drink driving solicitors, we go over every detail of the case to ensure that these rules are followed. We will advise you clearly and honestly as to whether you have a defence.



Specialist Solicitors for Drink Driving Cases


As specialist drink drive lawyers we specialise in finding a defence for this time of charges. We appreciate that you may not want to challenge the case and may want to accept the punishment but persuade the court to be as lenient as possible. For many people the prospect of losing their licence is terrifying and they ask us to review the papers in fine detail to see whether there is any possible defence. If you want to challenge the case we will do everything possible to fight for you.


Case Study: Ms C was charged with failing to provide a breath test. We were able to establish that there were medical grounds for not being able to provide a specimen.

Result: Case dismissed and our legal costs were refunded to the client.  

We have years of experience and we have developed strategies for defending people charged with drink driving.  


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There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a drink driving prosecution and we are able to identify these and ensure that you are not convicted when there is a defence.   Even if there is not a defence, we may still be able to keep your licence.   Sometimes there are Special Reasons that the court can take into account that will allow someone who is guilty to keep their licence. These include: shortness of distance driven, an emergency, and where someone has given you more alcohol than you were aware of (spiked drinks).  



Professional and Dedicated Drink Driving Solicitors.



If we can’t find a defence or Special Reasons, then we will be able to reduce the level of your ban. We understand that, in cases where you simply misjudged when you would be under the limit, clients often do not want to find a ‘loophole’; they often want expert representation to mitigate on their behalf and have the case concluded quickly and without stress. We almost always get a lower ban than the guidelines suggest you should receive. See our Mitigation Page to see how.  


Case Study: Miss G was charged with drink driving. She told the police that she only drove to get away from an abusive boyfriend. The police did not believe her. Thankfully after we got involved the court did believe her and found her not guilty.

Result: she was able to keep her licence and carry on working. Of course all of her legal costs were repaid to her.


Don’t just take our word for it; see what our clients say about us on our Testimonials page.   We will give you an initial assessment of your case free of charge. Unlike other drink drive lawyers we do not put a limit on how long you can talk to us. We do not charge for this and we don’t take your card details. We just give you expert advice, for free and in confidence.   For quick advice on a potential penalty, try our online drink driving calculator.

We cover the whole of England and Wales, we have bases in Nottingham and London. We can also see clients face to face in Birmingham. Most of our cases can be dealt with without the need for you to come to our offices. 



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