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118mph in a 70mph and No Ban

Jess Sadler, paralegal at Forrest Williams solicitors


Billy came to us facing a charge of speeding at 118mph in a 70mph. For most people a simple speeding offence is something they get annoyed about, but ultimately apart from their insurance premium increasing, they can carry on with their normal lives.


This was not the case for Billy.


For Billy it could potentially make him lose his insurance, lose his business, make him move house, and have drastic consequences for his disabled father.


Billy had a clean licence. He was a careful and competent driver until one day where he was rushed off his feet; he had to make a run in the morning to pick up parts for his business, and then he had a medical appointment in the afternoon.


Billy co-owned a garage when the offence happened. His business partner didn’t take an active role in the garage and so everything was ultimately left down to Billy.


Billy was the only person in the garage who had trade insurance to drive customer’s vehicles, so he was responsible for a lot of the day to day work.


He had managed to pick up the parts in the morning, but it meant him running late for his medical appointment. Billy was distracted by this; and was caught speeding at 118mph in a 70mph.


Billy contacted Forrest Williams as soon as he received his Notice of Intended Prosecution for this offence. He was so worried.


We explained to him that his speed was actually  so fast it was off the Magistrates Sentencing Guidelines. The Court was going to take this offence very seriously.


For Billy’s speed of 118mph in a 70mph, he was facing a disqualification upwards of 8 weeks.


This news devastated Billy. If he was disqualified for any amount of time then his Insurance Company would no longer insure him, meaning that no-one could drive the customer’s cars and ultimately forcing the company to close because it just would not be able to function.


We started preparing Billy’s case as soon as we were instructed. We need to make sure that Billy had the best chance of being able to keep his licence.


We had countless phone calls with Billy discussing his business, how his garage employed 4 employees who would all become unemployed if he lost his licence. His case was fully prepared on the business side of things.


But we wanted more.


We dove deeper into Billy’s personal life to try and gather different aspects to why he needed to keep his licence.


His father had recently become disabled. He needed help climbing the stairs, getting dressed, just doing the day to day stuff.


Billy moved in with his Mother and Father to help care for his Dad. His Mum tried but she was too weak to physically support him.


Not only that, his Dad relied on Billy to drive him to weekly hospital appointments.  Nobody else could do this. If Billy lost his licence then his Dad would have to get Taxis.


We spoke in depth with Billy about the support he provided. We obtained medical records to show to the court as evidence, and most importantly we obtained a letter from his Dad to show how much he relied on his son.


The day of the hearing came.


We had done everything we had this end to prepare the strongest possible case for Billy, but now we had to hand over to one of our Specialist Motoring Barristers to present the case on Billy’s behalf.


His barrister had been fully briefed on Billy’s case and knew it inside out.  She was armed with all of our prep and now needed to persuade the Magistrates to sentence Billy by way of penalty points rather than a disqualification.


Four hours later I received a call from the barrister. It was successful. Billy had avoided a disqualification and been sentenced to 6 points and a fine.


He was over the moon.


He kept his licence despite admitting driving at 118mph in a 70mph. His business was safe. He could still care for his father.


He could effectively carry on with his life, and could put the past few months behind him. 


If you are facing a motoring charge, call our expert team on 01623 397200. 


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