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23 Year-Old Menance Finally Caught Speeding

A 23 year old male has been described as a menace to pedestrians in Southampton due to repeatedly being caught speeding 15 times in the space of just two months and has finally been forced off the road.


He failed to show up for his trial last August, forcing Magistrates in Southampton to hear the case against him in his absence.


The law-breaker went through a pair of speed cameras in St Mary’s Avenue and Kingsway in Southampton 14 times between March 7 and April 30, 2012.


On each occasion, Dean Stockwell was travelling between 40mph and 55mph in a 30mph zone on his motorbike. However, the man was able to break the law continuously because his front number plate was missing, revealed by images taken on forward-facing cameras.


Nevertheless, officers finally caught up with him on the 4th of May last year when he was found speeding yet again at 45mph on the A335 Leigh Road in Eastleigh.


The reckless biker has been fined a sum of £180, but has also been ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £15 as well as being banned from driving for a year.


His careless actions led to him being forced to take a test before his license is to be returned, but stronger sentences have been recommended for drivers and motorcyclists who repeatedly offend or put lives in danger on multiple occasions.


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