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About Forrest Williams


Forrest Williams is headed by Steve Williams, a specialist Motoring Solicitor, who has been practicing for 20 years.


He gained experience in London before moving to Nottingham where he became a partner in a local firm. Whilst working in general criminal practice, he appeared in many tribunals including representing footballers in Football Association Tribunals, rugby players before the RFU Tribunals as well as conducting numerous trials in the Magistrates Courts and Crown Court. He gave up general practice to concentrate on Motoring Law and is now a specialist Motoring Solicitor helping people with speeding tickets, drink driving, careless driving, and dangerous driving.


Steve is one of the few solicitors to be able to appear in any Court in the country having higher rights of audience. Steve has travelled all over the UK representing clients, as well as in Germany and Cyprus representing members of HM Armed Forces.


Steve makes himself available to clients at all times and can always be relied upon to provide a friendly and approachable service.


Meet the Forrest Williams team

Motoring cases are not generally eligible for Legal Aid, although there are a few exceptions.


We do not offer Legal Aid. If you face a serious charge and want Legal Aid, we would advise that you contact a local government-appointed Legal Aid Solicitor – these solicitors deal with all criminal matters and are able to help people who are unable to afford to pay privately.


Our costs are always on a fixed fee basis. We do not charge by the hour. Our fees are guaranteed. What we quote is what you pay; there are no hidden costs. We do not believe in quoting the ‘without VAT’ cost, therefore all our quotes include VAT. Once we have set a figure you can be confident that there will be no extras.


We aim to make payment simple by accepting all credit or debit cards, Paypal, Google Checkout, bank transfers and cheques.


We aim to provide a first class service as we know that your licence is important to you and that you would not want to risk it by cutting corners in order to save costs. We do not cut corners or negotiate on price.


We will always give free initial advice and you don’t pay until we agree to act and agree a fee.


We offer fixed fee advice and representation.


All costs include VAT, travel, and any other expenses.


Schedule of Fees


No two cases are the same.


The fixed fee for your case will depend on many factors including the offence you have been charged with, the plea you wish to enter, the number of witnesses you have, and any expert’s reports we may require.


We have no interest in hiding our prices and as soon as you contact us to receive initial free advice, we will be able to fully assess your case and provide you with a fixed fee for your case.

Motoring Lawyers Online are the first solicitors in the country to offer a money back guarantee*.


Everyone will tell you that we offer good service. We back that up; we go further than that; we guarantee great service.


We are so confident that you will get great service from us that if you think that you have had anything less than great service from us, we will give you money back.


When you become a client of ours we will send you a service charter. This will set out everything you should get from us, guaranteed response times, guaranteed understanding of your case and a guarantee of how your case will be presented in court. If you think we have failed on any of these, then we will give you a percentage of your money back – up to 100%.

We cannot guarantee the outcome, because we are not allowed to by law, but we can guarantee you great service and that’s something that no one else is prepared to do.

One client could not believe that we were the only Motoring Solicitors who would go this far to guarantee our great service. He trawled the internet and found one firm that offered a money back guarantee on the first interview. Big deal. We don’t charge for the first interview. He then spoke to the Legal Ombudsman (he was a very determined and helpful client!). Surely it can’t be true that no one else is prepared to do this. This is what the Legal Ombudsman said……

If a client were dissatisfied with the service they had received, then they would be required to explain to the solicitor why they were unhappy and allow the firm an opportunity to investigate the complaint and respond.  If the firm finds that their service fell below a reasonable standard, they may offer a remedy to the client in order to resolve their concerns.  This remedy may involve apologising, paying compensation, doing additional work, waiving outstanding fees or refunding fees; 

So other firms MAY offer a remedy if they fell below a reasonable standard. We don’t work to a reasonable standard we work to an exceptional standard. We spoke to the Legal Ombudsman. They confirmed that the sort of thing we would refund some money for would not be the sort of thing they would consider ordering compensation for. So in other words our standards are a lot higher. Furthermore we wouldn’t just apologise. Apologies don’t pay the rent. That’s why we are the only motoring law firm brave enough, or good enough to make this money back guarantee. If you are thinking of going elsewhere, ask them whether they would be prepared to match our guarantee and put it in writing!!


Why risk your licence with anyone else?


*Click here for Terms and Conditions.