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Lady Lawyers

lady lawyers


We were amused to note this letter that was published in the Law Society Gazette back in 1984.


“Lady lawyers really are on the rampage.  What alarms me is the prospect of so many determined young women leaving their families to be run by others while they catch the train to the office.  No wonder there are so many broken homes.  Though I write to you, madam, it is to the beginner that my questions are really addressed – to the exquisite professional with the new briefcase in her first job.  What sort of wife and mother will she turn out to be, and what does the home help’s home help do with her children?”


As a team including five women, three of whom are mothers, we are proud to note how the legal world has welcomed ‘lady lawyers’, whose contributions we find priceless.


We do, however, realise that for men and women in this industry, the juggling role can be difficult.


We are committed as employers to assisting with that, by offering flexible working hours and unlimited holidays – regardless of gender.


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