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Motoring Solicitor’s advice on Toyota recalls

This week has seen news that Toyota will be making further recalls to their cars.

Last week there were concerns about the accelarator, now it is concern over brakes.

Where does this leave the Toyota driver in relation to the law?toyota-prius and the law

It is hard to imagine that there are many Toyota drivers that are not aware of the potential fault given all of the publicity. This has effectively put them on notice that there may be a safety issue with the car.

If a Toyota driver was involved in an accident, having been made aware of the potential safety issues, then they may face criminal charges because they drove a car knowing that there may be a fault.

Dangerous driving can be committed in relation to either the manner of driving or the condition of the car.

If you are convicted of dangerous driving then the court must disqualify you from driving.

The best advice to Toyota drivers is to ensure that their car is not affected, if it is then arrangements must be made immediately for it to be collected and repaired.

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