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Police Drink-driving Summer Crackdown

This year’s campaign found that 94 out of 2,616 drivers were over the legal alcohol limit when breathalyzed.


The campaign took course over a period of four weeks.


Those over the limit involved 21 drivers under the age of 25 and 61 drivers aged 25 and over.


However, 110 drivers were caught over the limit last year, when the campaign ran at the same time as the European Football Championships.


Officers have been known to step up recently by participating in road checks across the county more frequently, in areas where some drivers believe that they are less likely to get caught, fully aware they are drink driving.


Reduction manager for Essex police Adam Pipe, commented: “Sadly some people consider themselves to be above the law and make the decision to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both.


“Not only does this put their lives at risk but the lives of their passengers or other innocent road users who drive well within the law”


Mr Pipe said that every year he has been disappointed to see that a small minority of people ignore the law and choose to drink and drive, but also that drink drivers will not be tolerated and they will continue to be arrested, putting them before the courts where they will be brought to justice.


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