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Drink Driving Solicitor Avoids Prison Sentence for Client in Leeds Magistrates Court



Our client, Raj, was very relieved to have avoided a custodial sentence when he appeared for the second time at Leeds Magistrates’ Court recently.


With a breath reading of 148mg, Raj had been advised by drink driving solicitor Forrest Williams that this placed him in the highest category of offender.  Even the fact that he had no previous drink driving offences within the last 10 years would not protect him from the risk of a prison sentence – the Magistrates’ Sentencing Guidelines suggest up to 26 weeks’ custody for a reading at the upper end of the most serious category.


At the first hearing, Raj’s guilty plea was entered and, due to the high reading, the matter was adjourned for pre-sentence reports.  Raj was ordered to meet with Probation Services within the next few days and then return to court for sentencing.


At the second hearing, the specialist motoring law Barrister instructed by Forrest Williams advanced full mitigation, which drew the court’s attention to Raj’s impeccable character, his commitment to furthering his education and his intention to work abroad in the very near future.


The Barrister also asked the court to take into consideration Raj’s limited driving experience, and his remorse following the drink driving offence.


We are delighted to report that the District Judge agreed to comply with our Barrister’s request to accept the recommendations of the Probation Officer’s report and gave Raj an 18 month Community Order and ordered him to perform 120 hours of unpaid work.  Raj was also disqualified from driving for a period of 36 months.


Another delighted client who says he would recommend our professional services to other motorists!



Serious Drink Driving Case At Leamington Spa Magistrates Court

Forrest Williams were very happy to recently represent a client at Leamington Spa Magistrates Court who was charged with Drink Driving.  This client was made aware that the courts would consider custody as her reading was almost 4 times the legal limit.  Her concern was not to try to ‘get away with it’, she just wanted someone to be with her in court to guide her through the process and to avoid prison.



Drink Driving is obviously taken very seriously by the courts especially with a reading that high. Prison was the most likely punishment. A lot of people got to prison for drink driving. We were able to identify the issues in this case that made it different from other cases and so were able to present her case in the best possible way to avoid prison.



We also know that this is a terrifying experience for a lot of clients, most of whom have never been through the criminal justice system before. Cases can be adjourned by the court for a pre sentence report and delay the matter for weeks meaning more anxiety for the clients. We realise that it is not just about the result but about taking away as much of the anxiety as possible.



A very relieved client was grateful to have the support of one of our excellent motoring barristers as he persuaded the courts to continue to sentencing the same day, fearing the matter would continue to hang over her if she had to wait for another hearing.  She avoided custody and was relieved to have the matter concluded.



We understand that sometimes it’s not about making excuses for your actions, it’s simply about having someone supporting you and standing up for you.



If you are worried about a drink driving charge call us on 01623 397200 for free initial advice as to the best way forward in your case.

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