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Drink Driving Special Reasons Short Distance: How Far Is Too Far?


How far is too far?


Drink Driving.  We all know it means a disqualification but what if you only drove a very short distance? What if you only moved the car for a really good reason? What if you had to move the car for safety/to stop it being impounded/because it posed a hazard?


There are 3 ‘Special Reasons’ where you can ask the courts not to impose a disqualification even though you are pleading Guilty to Drink Driving.


One of these is Shortness of Distance Driven, so how far is too far?


We often get people contacting us to say they only drove ½ a mile, or they were only going to be in the car a couple of minutes – but in truth there is no specific distance that is too far or rather, that is the right distance – every case has its own merits and every court will assess each case individually and sentence accordingly. Why you drove, when you drove and where you drove can be just as important as how far you drove.


If you think you may have grounds to try and avoid a disqualification give our team a call on 01623 397200, we’ll listen to you and give you feedback as to the likelihood of your application being successful. It can’t hurt to check and we always promise to be honest with you.


Helen Newman



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