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Hovercraft Pilot Found Having Consumed Excess Alcohol

being a master of a hovercraft having consumed excess alcohol


Hovercraft Pilot Found Three Times Over the Legal Alcohol Limit


Richard Pease, who was controlling the hovercraft between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, complained about feeling unwell, and so another crew member was forced to take over the craft, which was carrying 36 passengers.


After the journey, Richard Pease was breathalysed, and it was discovered that in 100ml of breath, he had had 96 micrograms of alcohol, nearly three times the legal limit of 35 micrograms.


Pease pleaded guilty to one charge of being a master of a hovercraft having consumed excess alcohol.


A spokesperson of the hovercraft company said, “Hovertravel has reviewed their robust procedures and concluded they were implemented successfully on the day.


“This ensured that any risk to health and safety was mitigated.


“Regular training and a clear understanding of our safety procedures gave our crew the confidence to react appropriately to the situation.”




Pilot Arrested For Drink Driving / Drink Flying



Pilot Arrested For Drink-driving Flybe Plane


Just minutes before a Flybe plane was scheduled to take off from Newquay Airport in Cornwall to London Gatwick, a 48 year-old pilot from Crediton, Devon was escorted off the plane after suspicions that he was under the influence of alcohol.


Passengers were told that the pilot was feeling ‘unwell’ and they faced long delays, many missing connections due to the fact the flight was cancelled.


A Flybe spokesman said: “Flybe can confirm that one of its pilots volunteered to help the police with their inquiries at Newquay Airport.


“The airline is not able to comment further while the police investigation is taking place.”


For pilots, air crew and air traffic controllers the alcohol limit is 20mg per 100ml of blood. The drink drive limit in the UK for motorists is 80mg per 100ml of blood.


This effectively equates to around half a pint of beer and is virtually zero tolerance. The government are considering reducing the limit for drink driving to 50mg per 100ml of blood. During the discussions there were some suggestions that there should be a zero limit but in practical terms this wouldn’t work because peoples bodies naturally produce alcohol.


For more details about how we cab help if you have been charged with Drink Driving got to our Drink Driving page.



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We would like to thank Alex Moore, who joined us for work experience recently, for this blog post.


This Mitigation Helped Client Get Minimum Ban For Drink Driving Case in Worksop Magistrates’ Court

When Elaine Morley first approached us for help, it was not herself she was worried about. She told us she had been charged with a drink driving offence, on a breath-alcohol reading of 64mg, but that she had only driven after receiving a call from her distraught partner asking for a lift home.


Elaine explained to us that she had been at home, enjoying a drink of wine with her evening meal, when she received a call from her partner saying his organised lift had been cancelled without any warning. Before we could ask why an alternative method of transport had not been arranged instead, Elaine informed us that her partner has multiple serious health issues, including a severe visual impairment, and that he had essentially been left stranded in a poorly-lit and isolated rural location. When she received his call, she told us, she just reacted without thinking of the consequences. Her partner was very upset, she explained, and worried for his safety. He did not realise she had been drinking and she did not tell him this.


After taking a full and detailed statement from Elaine, together with plenty of background information regarding her partner’s health issues, we appointed one of our tried and trusted barristers to represent her at the hearing at Worksop Magistrates’ Court. Having discussed with Elaine her possible sentence according to the Magistrates’ Sentencing Guidelines, she said she was hoping for a disqualification of around 17 months, which is the lowest disqualification period for the second category (breath-alcohol readings between 60mg and 89mg).


We were delighted to take the call from the barrister, after Elaine’s hearing, informing us that the District Judge had been so moved by Elaine’s story that a disqualification of just 12 months – the minimum possible – had been imposed. The drink drive rehabilitation course had also been offered, completion of which will reduce the disqualification period by 3 months.


When we spoke to Elaine after the hearing, she was delighted. As she told us at the very beginning, her concern was always for her partner, and the impact her disqualification would have on his life. The District Judge recognised this as a valid concern, used her discretion and sentenced accordingly.


For more details on Drink driving see our Drink Driving page.



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