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Driving Whilst Disqualified Case At Harrogate Magistrates Court

A client appointed our specialist motoring solicitors to represent him in Harrogate Magistrates Court in relation to a charge of Driving whilst Disqualified, the details of the case meant that the court would consider a prison sentence as the most appropriate way to deal with the case.


Having spent time building a strong mitigation case for this client, he was able to leave court with his family having escaped an immediate custodial sentence feeling very lucky to have been given a community service order instead.


It’s impossible to tell someone how to avoid a prison sentence without going into a lot of detail about their case. Every case is different. We make sure that we spend time going through the case in detail to make sure that we uncover the best points. Clients often don’t know what the strongest parts of their case are and often don’t think to mention points which would help them. All our staff have been trained to take statements in a forensic way to make sure we build the best possible case for our clients.


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