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An Interesting Drunk In Charge Case For Motoring Solicitors


Even Solicitors & Barristers can be surprised by the court!


Another great result for a client last week, albeit much sooner than expected. The client was facing a Drunk In Charge allegation and was pleading Not Guilty on the basis that he would not have driven until such time as his alcohol level would have been under the limit – in effect he was going to ‘sleep it off’ in his car after a row with a partner.


The client attended City of London Magistrates Court and was met by one of our expert Barristers who ran through the events of the day and explained what would happen next. When going into court the Judge tried to put pressure on our client to change his plea to one of Guilty – indicating that he would not disqualify him if he entered a Guilty plea that day. Following a brief consultation with Counsel our Client maintained his Not Guilty Plea. The Barrister indicated that all prosecution evidence was accepted and that the only witness at the Trial would be the client himself.


Amazingly the Judge indicated that he had a bit of time and would hear the matter immediately! No adjournment necessary.


Luckily our Expert Barrister was able to reassure the client and the matter was heard with the Judge even indicating that the Barrister need not present a closing argument as he had reached a decision – Client found Not Guilty, costs order awarded.


A wonderful result for a great client, due largely to the professionalism and experience of our Expert Barrister. A less confident Barrister may have refused to allow the case to be heard that day – costing the client more money and causing a lot more stress.


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