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Failing To Disclose Driver’s Details Successful Case at Mansfield Magistrates Court

Jennifer’s motoring matter was dealt with in her absence, as our office liaised with Mansfield Magistrates Court on her behalf.


Jennifer* had been charged with speeding and failing to disclose driver’s details.


Although her speeding offence would mean the addition of 3 penalty points to her driving licence, the charge of failing to disclose driver’s details is deemed a more serious offence, so would mean 6 penalty points were awarded.


Jennifer was keen to avoid 6 penalty points, as she already had points on her licence.  In any case, she had recently moved house, so could give an explanation for why she had failed to return the paperwork, naming the driver of the vehicle.


We liaised with the court and, following the hearing, were delighted to inform Jennifer that her guilty plea to the speeding charge had been accepted, whilst the charge of failing to notify driver’s details had been discontinued – as per our request.


If you need help for a charge of failing to disclose driver’s details or any other motoring charge in England or Wales, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01623 397200.


* Some details may be changed only to protect client’s identity.

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