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Highways Agency Breaking Rules of Fixed Fines

A new proposal has been made by the Highways Agency to break the rule of drivers having to pay a fixed fine when they overstay the strict two-hour free parking period at motorway services.


They believe that drivers should be allowed to -pay for the extra time they spend instead of the fixed fine given, which in some cases can be as high as £100.


Everyone would agree that you’d be taking a big risk if you were to drive when over-tired, so because of this reason, is it really necessary to penalise those drivers who are seen to take a break for what is considered too long at motorway services?


Should this matter be taken into more consideration?


Maybe the Highways Agency can encourage these service stations to charge a more reasonable price for outstaying your welcome, but if not, there’s always¬†the option of pulling off the motorway, where there are places you could stay for free!

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