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The Changing Face of Forrest Williams

We are delighted to announce that Forrest Williams are currently hiring.


Our Apprentice, Lydia Booth, has moved on to new challenges and we are excited to have two new members of staff join our dedicated team.


Steve Williams, principal, commented:


Steve Williams“It is always exciting to have new people join the team as each person brings fresh energy and ideas with them.  We are looking for a paralegal and a new Apprentice, and as always, we are conducting a very thorough recruitment process.  It is vital to us that the people who join our team are committed, hardworking and passionate about the work we conduct.


With these changes, and other plans we have, 2014 is proving to be an exciting year for Forrest Williams.”


Forrest Williams Join Mansfield 2020 and Career Champions

Forrest Williams motoring law specialists

Forrest Williams Motoring Solicitors


Forrest Williams are very proud to reveal their alliance with award-winning Business Club, Mansfield 2020.


Our specialist motoring firm’s headquarters are based in Mansfield and we are committed to supporting the local community.


We are delighted that this involvement has led to our active position with Career Champions, an organisation designed to champion and support young local people.


Full details are in this article.


We are also delighted to have been short-listed for the Career Champions Award 2014.  The awards ceremony is to be held on 4 April, 2014.


Motoring Solicitor in Mansfield

Steve Williams

Despite being born and raised in Birmingham before living for some time in London, expert motoring solicitor Steve Williams, principal of niche firm Forrest Williams, considers Mansfield his home town.


“It’s amazing to think I’ve lived here longer than I spent growing up in Birmingham.  I have to remind my mum of this when she asks me to meet her in places in Birmingham that she swears I can find my way to and which I can barely remember!”


Steve’s relocation all those years ago is good news for the Nottinghamshire motorists who he defends in Courts across England and Wales daily.


“It’s certainly incredible to realise that a small town like Mansfield is home to such a specialist firm and an expert in their field, like Steve.” One happy local client remarked at the end of his successful hearing.


While Steve is happy to travel to Courts further afield, and has appeared at well over 100 Courts in his 20+ years’  experience, his management and research responsibilities tie him to the Mansfield headquarters often, leaving him much more able to represent local clients on a regular basis.


“You’re getting an extremely skilled and specialised advocate of an A Grade ranking as far as the legal system is concerned, for a very reasonable fixed fee.” The previously mentioned client, not unfamiliar with the legal world for his companies’ own commercial law requirements, continued.


It’s true.


Forrest Williams always work on a fixed fee basis, and as a specialist motoring law firm, only deal with motoring cases.  From minor speeding cases to the most serious death by dangerous driving charges, Forrest Williams can help you.




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