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Be Road Aware: Speed Limits For HGV Lorries To Be Increased?

Speed Limit For HGV Lorries To Be Increased

Speed Limit for HGV Lorries To Be Increased

The Department for Transport have made proposals to increase the speed limit for HGV lorries, meaning vehicles over 7.5t would have their maximum speed limit for single carriage roads increased from 40mph to either 45mph or 50mph.

The proposal comes about following DfT statistics which estimate that some 70% of HGV lorries travel at above 40mph already, giving those drivers an unfair advantage over the drivers who stay within the speed limit.

It is proposed that the increase would allow over £30 million each year in benefits from faster journeys and reduced congestion.  It is also thought that it may reduce collisions caused by vehicles over-taking slow-moving HGVs.

Feared negative consequences include effects on road repairs, road safety and the environment.

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