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Ever been tempted to let someone else ‘take your points’?

I get lots of calls from people who have just received a notice of intended prosecution. This is often the first stage of a speeding prosecution. It is basically a request from the police for the registered keeper of the vehicle to name the driver.

On rare occasions I have clients who ask me whether it would be easier for them to just say their wife was driving.

I always warn them that they would be committing a serious crime – perverting the course of justice.

This case from Nottingham shows what can happen if you try to blame someone else for your speeding –


They were lucky, the case hadn’t gone too far and they got away with a suspended prison sentence, normally it is an immediate prison sentence.

The simple advice – don’t do it. No matter how bad it seems it is not worth the risk, as an experienced motoring solicitor I can normally help. It is rarely as bad as it seems and never worth risking a prison sentence.

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