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Drink Driving Client Avoids Disqualification at Sheffield Magistrates Court

Sheffield Magistrates Court

Sheffield Magistrates Court


A client caught driving whilst over the legal limit was at risk of a 17-22 month disqualification recently at Sheffield Magistrates Court.


The driver instructed Forrest Williams, specialist drink driving solicitors, and was able to successfully argue a Special Reasons application.


Special Reasons occur where a person is technically guilty of an offence but has a specific, set out reason for avoiding the usual penalty.


For drink driving cases, there are three Special Reasons that allow a person to avoid the usual disqualification despite pleading guilty to the offence.


For this client, his Special Reason was that he had driven only a very short distance.


At his previous initial hearing, his guilty plea and the basis of his Special Reasons hearing was set out at Sheffield Magistrates Court, where the case was adjourned to a Special Reasons hearing.


The client gave evidence and was cross-examined and, after hearing full facts, the magistrates retired and decided that they did accept the Special Reasons application.


Our delighted client, although convicted of the drink driving offence and given a financial penalty, avoided a disqualification.


If you are due to appear at Court in relation to a drink driving offence, please do not hesitate to contact Forrest Williams for free initial advice.


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