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Nottinghamshire Speed Camera Traps: Week of 6 October 2014

If you’ll be driving across Nottinghamshire this week, commencing 6 October 2014, be aware of Nottinghamshire speed camera traps in these locations:


  • B6030 Sherwood Hall Road / Clipstone Road, Mansfield
  • B6018 Sutton Road, Kirkby in Ashfield
  • B6023 Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield
  • A6117 Old Mill Lane, Mansfield
  • Church Hill, Kirkby in Ashfield
  • B6028 Stoneyford Road, Skegby
  • A616 Ollerton Road, Caunton
  • B6041 Kilton Hill, Worksop
  • A60 Carlton Road, Worksop
  • A617 Kirklington
  • Raymoth and Thievesdale Lane, Worksop
  • A609 Ilkeston Road / Wollaton Road / Russell Drive / Trowell Road, Nottingham
  • A6008 Canal Street, Nottingham
  • A6200 / A52 Derby Road, Nottingham
  • Beechdale Road / Hollington Road / Wigman Road, Nottingham
  • B6004 Strelley Road / Broxtowe Lane / Stockhill Lane
  • A6002 Bilborough Road, Nottingham
  • Glaisadale Drive, Bilborough
  • A608 Church Lane, Brinsley
  • Shelford Road, Radcliffe on Trent
  • B686 Carlton Hill, Carlton
  • A612 Burton Joyce, Nottingham


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Motorists Pay £30M in Speeding Fines a Year.

Last year, British motorists were fined £30m for speeding last year and nearly 1,000 drivers a week appeared before magistrates for breaking the speed limit.


Police data suggests that the worst offences are committed by a growing minority of drivers.


62% of drivers who were caught speeding said that they were spotted by fixed speed cameras, 22% caught by police with a camera at the roadside and 10% say they were caught by police without a camera.


Many drivers often admit they regularly exceed the speed limit without getting caught in any way.


14% of drivers say they memorise where police are most likely to patrol in their area to avoid detection whilst other drivers rely totally on devices situated inside of their cars, such as SatNavs, which can detect fixed speed cameras and alert them to avoid getting caught.


However, the Government have recently announced that trials of an 80mph speed limit could take place soon, around August this year.


But if the speed limit is increased to 80mph, it is possible that only those driving well over 100mph would receive a court summons.


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Denton Speed Camera Catches 1,164 Motorists


A single speed camera on Stockport Road, Denton is responsible for catching over a third of all speeding motorists in Tameside.

Over a five year period, the camera caught 1,164 people, more than 36% snapped in total by fixed cameras in that borough.

In fact, in 2010, it snapped at least one motorist per day on average.

One camera is responsible for catching more than a third of speeding motorists in Tameside.

According to transport bosses, the camera on Stockport Road in Denton caught 1,164 people speeding over a five year period – more than 36 per cent of the 3,174 motorists snapped by fixed cameras in the borough.

The camera, one of 13 in Tameside, stands in a 30mph zone close to the Fletchers Arms pub.

In 2010, the last full year for which figures are available, it flashed 401 drivers – an average of more than one a day.

It’s also known that during the five years before the camera was installed, there were no serious collisions on that stretch of road, although 10 collisions did occur leading to minor injuries.

They also show that in the five years before the Stockport Road camera was installed, there were no serious collisions on that stretch of road but 10 collisions where people suffered minor injuries – an average of two a year.

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