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LTi 20-20 Speed gun proved wrong

It’s a big issue for motorists. Caught by an LTi 20-20 speed gun that says you were speeding but you know you weren’t. Often motorists are told that they have no chance against a police officer with an LTi 20-20 speed gun. The costs of taking it to court often outweigh the benefits.


This week it was good to hit back on behalf of the motorists and prove the police wrong.


Our client had been charged with speeding, he was adamant that he was not going as fast as the speed gun (the infamous LTi 20-20 speed gun) said he was. He was a man of principle and stood his ground rather than be bullied into just accepting it.


We pleaded Not Guilty and asked the prosecution for various documents and also the CCTV showing the alleged speeding. We were warned by the court of the risks of pleading Not Guilty but we stood our ground.


After many months we finally got the CCTV from the Prosecution and even to an untrained eye he did not look to be going fast.


We sent the video off to our expert who analysed it and compiled a report confirming that he was in fact travelling at 25% slower than the police and their LTi 20-20 said he was.


Two days before the trial the Prosecution caved in and accepted our report.


Licence saved for a very relieved client.


If you think you have been the victim of a false reading from an Lti 20-20 speed gun then we can help. Call us on 01623 397200 for free initial advice or check our speeding page

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