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How long does it take for the police to send me notification of a speeding fine?

I am often asked how long the police have to issue a summons after you are caught by a speed camera.

There are 2 times limits to take into account.

The police have 14 days after you are flashed by a speed camera to send a notice of intended prosecution to the registered keeper of the vehicle. That means that if you own the car and it is registered at your address if you have not heard anything within 14 days then there is nothing the police can do.

Once you have received the notice of intended prosecution then the Police have 6 months to apply for a summons, sometime you get the summons after the 6 month period but the police must have applied for the summons within 6 months.

Some quick speeding ticket advice

Q. How many points do I have to have before I am liable to be disqualified under the totting up provisions?

A. 12 within a 3 year period going from the date of conviction to the date of latest offence.

Q. If I delay the court proceedings can I take it over the 3 year period?

A. NO. The time limit starts on the date of the oldest conviction and runs to the date of offence. So if you have 9 points and the oldest was imposed on 12 September 2006. You are stopped for speeding today (28th July) it’s todays date that counts not when it is dealt with in court so even if you delayed it until after 12 September at the time of the offence (28th July) you would have had 9 points.

Q. I think I was flashed by a speed camera a few weeks ago but I still haven’t heard anything how long do I have to wait to see whether I get a speeding ticket

A. The Police have to issue a notice of intended prosecution to the registered owner of the car within 14 days so assuming the car is registered at your address you should have heard within 2 weeks. If you haven’t then they are out of time (assuming it hasn’t got lost in the post!)

Q. There are road works on the motorway and a temporary speed limit of 50 I was doing 70. I have been told that temporary speed limits don’t count. Am I right.

A. No, you can still be fined and points imposed for exceeding temporary limits

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