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Failing To Disclose Driver’s Details – Case Dropped!

Matilda Swanwick was delighted this week to receive the news from Forrest Williams that her charge of failing to notify driver’s details had been discontinued.

Following a lengthy period of liaison with the police authority in the area where she had been driving, and where she had unfortunately committed a minor speeding offence, a decision was taken by a senior officer at the police’s criminal justice unit to withdraw the charge against her.

Matilda had explained to us that, whilst she did not dispute the fact that she had been speeding, she had not received a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) to which she could respond.

Initially, the police authority argued that as it had been issued it was assumed to have been received. Matilda told us, however, that she had not received either the original or the reminder NIP and that she was very organised with her paperwork. She insisted she would have responded immediately, accepting the offer of a fixed penalty notice, had she received notification of the speeding offence.

On this basis, Forrest Williams asked if a speeding charge could be laid out of time, to which Matilda would plead guilty, and the failing to notify driver’s details charge be withdrawn. Some consideration was given to this request, before it was agreed to.

Matilda is very happy with this outcome as she did not intend to avoid the penalty for speeding and accepts the consequences for her actions on the date in question. There is also a difference in terms of penalty points – the speeding offence means she will have 3 points endorsed to her licence, whilst the failing to notify driver’s details charge would have meant 6 points.

In addition, we have asked that the court treat the speeding offence as if it were a fixed penalty on the day of the hearing, in order to avoid additional costs for Matilda.

Once again, Forrest Williams are happy to report that pre-court liaison has resulted in a positive outcome for a valued client.

If you have been charged with failing to disclose driver’s details, or another motoring offence, call our expert team now for a free initial review of your case on 01623 397200.


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