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Dangerous Driving Motorcyclist Jailed

dangerous driving motorcyclist jailed


Motorcyclist Reaches 135mph While Attempting to Escape the Police


Jed Ogilvie, 25, of Paignton, Devon was seen weaving between cars at incredibly high speeds on the very busy A38, in Plymouth. Police clocked his speed at 135mph, nearly twice the legal limit while pursuing him, during which time he jumped a red light and sped across a roundabout before heading off the A38 into Embankment Road.


Ogilvie managed to outrun the squad cars chasing after him, however when he tried to undertake a car he slammed into the side of the vehicle, throwing him off his bike.


The driver of the car got out to help him, but Ogilvie climbed back onto his bike and said, “Don’t call the police, don’t get them involved – I will pay for it”


He was then about to speed away when two shop workers, who had watched the incident, held him back long enough for the police to arrive at the scene.


Ogilvie was arrested for possessing a class C drug; driving a motor vehicle dangerously; using a vehicle without insurance and riding without a license.  He was jailed for a total of 12 months.


He was also banned from the road for two years.


The judge said Ogilvie maintained a “sustained period of extremely dangerous driving” before colliding with a car and then attempting to flee the scene.


Forrest Williams, specialist Motoring Solicitors commented –


Drink Driving carries a mandatory 12 months disqualification and often leads to imprisonment. You will also have to pass an extended re test. Dangerous Driving is defined in  section 2A of the RTA 1988 as “the standard of driving falls far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver and it would be obvious to a competent and careful driver that driving in that way would be dangerous.”


Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate dangerous driving from careless driving. In effect it is simply how far below the expected standard of driving the driving was. The penalties are very different. You cannot go to prison for careless driving and there is not an obligatory disqualification although the court can impose a disqualification they can also impose penalty points instead.


It is important to get expert advice on this. We may be able to persuade the prosecution to reduces the charges to careless driving or if appropriate we can plead Not Guilty and defend you at trial.


For more information look at our Dangerous Driving page.





We are very grateful to Alex Moore, who recently joined us for work experience, for this blog post.


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