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Defendants Legal costs cap ‘unlawful’

The High Court ruled today that the scheme introduced by the previous government that limited the amount payable to successful defendants was unlawful.

This hit motorists particularly hard. In effect it meant that if you were taken to court wrongly by the government and won your case then you could only claim your legal fees back at Legal Aid rates, even though you would not have been eligible for Legal Aid. Legal Aid rates have not been increased for over 10 years and no specialist motoring solicitor would charge at Legal Aid rates. This meant that motorists again had to fund the legal system and pay the shortfall, even though they were forced to defend themselves against wrongful charges by the Government.

Thankfully that is behind us and we are back to the old, fairer system whereby you can employ the solicitor of your choice, safe in the knowledge that if you win you will be able to reclaim your legal fees back.


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