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Drink Drive Limits To Remain The Same.

The drink driving limit will remain the same but drivers will lose the right to ask for a blood test if they are only slightly over the limit.

These were the key points in the Government’s response to recommendations on road safety made by Sir Peter North.

The initial consultation recommended dropping the limit from 80 in blood to 50. This was rejected by the Government. It is not clear why the limit was not reduced and leaves the drink drive limit in the UK one of the highest in Europe.

The move to remove the right to a blood test is controversial. The machines used by the police to measure alcohol in a motorists breath are not reliable, certainly not as reliable as blood tests. Some commentators have suggested that this removes a loop hole whereby motorists can delay a blood test so that their alcohol reading drops. In my experience this isn’t the case. It is rather the case that motorists want to make sure that the reading is accurate.

It is open to the police to take a urine test instead of blood and this can be done immediately since it does not have to be taken by a Doctor so the suggesting of delaying it on purpose is nonsense.

Is there any connection with this removal of the right to an accurate blood test and the closing of the Forensic Science Service?

Surely the Government wouldn’t compromise justice just so that they can save money???


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