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Driving wrong way on motorway exit road

‘I have been charged with driving the worng way up a motorway slip road’

You would think that with all of this snow it would be quiet on the motoring law front but it seems not.

car in snowI am getting lots of calls from people who have received a notice of intended prosecution for careless, even dangerous driving for driving the wrong way up a motorway exit. It seems that with a lot of motorways blocked people were turning around and getting off the motorway.  Some times they were ordered to by Police officers, sometimes it seemed the only thing to do.

What can you do if you are caught up in this? My guess is that a camera triggers a lot of these Notice of Intended Prosecutions, I would suggest writing to the police and advising them of the circumstances, if they insist on prosecuting then it is unlikely that you will have a defence as such BUT – there is a way to avoid points.

If you receive a summons contact us immediately and we will advise how to argue that there are special reasons not to put any points on your licence. We will be able to offer expert representation in court to try and ensure that you do not get any points on your licence.

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