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Exceptional Hardship in Mansfield Magistrates Court

Helen Newman of Forrest Williams

Helen Newman of Forrest Williams


Exceptional Hardship in Mansfield Magistrates Court


Melinda Swan was delighted this week when magistrates in Mansfield Magistrates’ Court informed her that her Exceptional Hardship application was successful.


This result meant that Melinda, an Opening Manager for a popular national restaurant chain, avoided the automatic 6 month disqualification which goes hand in hand with what is known as the ‘totting up’ of points (ie when a person who has held their driving licence for more than 2 years reaches – or exceeds – 12 penalty points).


For Melinda, trying to avoid the disqualification was very important as she relies on her driving licence not only to make the 25 mile journey to and from her place of work each day, but also to travel at short notice from her restaurant to others within the chain, ie for reasons of staff sickness, or urgent delivery of food products and consumables.


Steve Williams, Senior Partner of Forrest Williams, explained to the court that although Melinda has a partner who works, she could not rely on this person to cover their joint financial commitments for a period of 6 months if she were to lose her job.


As Steve told the court, Melinda’s partner had debts and other financial commitments which meant that additional pressure placed on him, at this time, would most probably mean the end of their rocky relationship.


In fact, Melinda’s partner had written a letter in which he confirmed to the court that he would not be prepared or able to support Melinda financially during a disqualification period. This letter was handed in for the magistrates to consider, as well as other character reference letters and a letter of apology written by Melinda herself.


As the court is a very formal setting, and all statements made should be backed up by evidence, where possible, Steve also handed in a range of other supporting documents which Melinda had carefully prepared in line with the suggestions and advice of her case worker.


Forrest Williams offer a bespoke service which includes full preparation of a case, professional representation at the hearing by an experienced motoring law advocate and also a proof-reading service for letters and other documents.


Melinda said after the hearing that she had felt fully supported by the company from the moment she made the first phone call to shaking Steve’s hand after they had left court. She would, she said, happily recommend Forrest Williams to anyone who had fallen foul of the ‘totting up’ provisions and received the dreaded summons to court.


If you need an application for Exceptional Hardship in Mansfield Magistrates Court call our expert team now on 01623 397200.




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