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Exceptional Hardship Case Successful For Roadside Technician



There were celebrations in Stafford Magistrates’ Court this week after our client, Peter Davies, was told by a District Judge that his Exceptional Hardship application had been accepted by the court.


For Peter, who works as a Roadside Technician for a well-known motoring organisation, this means that not only does he avoid the automatic 6 month disqualification he faced as a result of ‘totting up’ to 12 penalty points.  Importantly for him and his young family, it also means that he keeps the job he loves.


Peter explained during his first conversation with us that a disqualification would mean he would be dismissed by his employer.  Peter, who had worked hard to become a Roadside Technician, told us with modesty that he had received several certificates for his customer care skills, based on excellent customer feedback following his roadside assistance.  In fact, Peter’s Manager attended the court hearing with him – something he said he would not do for every employee!


All the staff at Forrest Williams were delighted when Steve Williams, the firm’s Senior Partner, called into the office with news of Peter’s successful outcome.


Peter was relieved to hear that he can continue to drive, as this means he can carry on doing the job he loves – helping motorists in their hour of need!


We at Forrest Williams are delighted that our careful preparation of Peter’s Exceptional Hardship application, together with Steve Williams’ presentation of his case, resulted in yet another life-changing result – for the motorists’ friend!


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