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Failing To Disclose Driver’s Details Case Discontinued



Our client, Ravi, was delighted this week to be told that the Crown Prosecution Service had decided to discontinue the charge against her due to insufficient evidence.


Ravi tells us that she will now sleep at night, following a very worrying period of waiting for her trial date.


Ravi explained to us initially how she had been driving a company car when caught speeding.  The Notice of Intended Prosecution had been sent to her employer, and she had never received any paperwork asking her to notify herself as the driver.  Assuming her company had done this on her behalf, she waited to hear more about the speeding offence.


However, some months later, Ravi was shocked to receive a summons to court for a completely different charge – Failing to Disclose Driver’s Details.  This was especially surprising as she had made contact with the police following the speeding offence, identifying herself as the driver of the vehicle in question, and been assured that it was ‘being dealt with’.


We liaised with the CPS regarding the charge and entered Ravi’s not guilty plea by letter.  A trial date was set and preparations commenced.  Ravi told us later that the waiting period was especially difficult, making it difficult to concentrate at work, or think about anything else.


We were delighted to be able to phone Ravi and tell her that the charge had been dropped and that she would not now have to appear in court.  At first, Ravi could not believe the good news.


She thanked Forrest Williams for all the help and support received during a very difficult time and said she would be happy to recommend our services.  Another satisfied client!


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