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Failure To Provide A Specimen on Medical Grounds

A delighted client is celebrating after being found not guilty of Failing to Provide a Specimen of Breath for analysis due to medical grounds.


Mr Singh, who appeared for trial in March at Nottingham Magistrates Court, argued that he was unable to provide the specimen required of him due to complications associated with his diabetes.  Full prosecution disclosure and CCTV was obtained by Forrest Williams, all of which displayed Mr Singh to be uncooperative, abusive and behaving entirely out of character.


While Mr Singh was advised of the difficulties of his case, Forrest Williams thoroughly prepared his defence and assigned a senior barrister to his trial.


Mr Singh gave evidence and was cross-examined, and his evidence together with medical evidence and other supporting evidence obtained by Forrest Williams portrayed a very clear case of a man unable to comply with instructions due to a spell of Diabetic complications.


Mr Singh was found not guilty and his file will be assessed in order that he can receive a refund of legal fees from the Court.


Mr Singh was ecstatic and thoroughly grateful for all of the help he received from Forrest Williams.


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