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My client was charged with drink driving. He claimed that his drink had been spiked.

He had been out with his wife and friends and they carried on drinking back at the house. He decided that he had had enough alcohol and asked for non alcoholic lager. Unknown to him she gave him alcoholic lager.

Later in the evening after his wife had gone to bed he decided to pop out to the late night shop and was stopped by the police.

He was surprised when he failed the breath test.

After contacting us we advised him that he could argue that there were special reasons not to disqualify him. We prepared his case including taking a statement from his wife.

When the case came to court we managed to convince the court not to disqualify him and he kept his licence.

This case could have had awful consequences for him, he would have lost his job and house. Thankfully all of that was avoided because he contacted us in time to be able to help him.

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