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New Careless Driving Fines To Be Introduced This Week


Further to the Government’s announcement in June to make it easier for police to penalise lane-hogging and other minor driving behaviours, on-the-spot fines for careless driving will come into force from Friday, 16 August 2013.


The penalty will see drivers facing a £100 fine and three penalty points on their licence for a range of new offences classed as ‘careless driving’.


The plans have been criticised, however, due to a lack of publicising the specific behaviours that will be penalised.  The most widely reported has been middle-lane hogging, which has caused a lively debate, but there is little awareness of the full range of behaviours that will be considered anti-social and will now be fined.


Police will be given powers to fine motorists found tailgating, failing to give way at junctions, using wrong lanes on roundabouts  and queue jumping.


Forrest Williams conducted an online survey researching the standard to which people drive; and whether motorists felt that their driving standard was as good, better or worse than when they passed their test.  Most people admitted that they have picked up bad habits during their driving lives and make minor errors when driving that may, now, see them with a conviction for careless driving.


What is your opinion about these new fines?  Are they punishing genuine driving errors, or simply looking to ways to increase revenue through fines?


If you have been given a fixed penalty for careless driving and want to contest it call us on 01623 397200 for free and impartial advice.


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