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Police Officer Found Guilty of Careless Driving

A Greater Manchester Police officer was found guilty of careless driving after a crash resulting in five people being injured, one severely.


The Police officer, Daniel Aimson, was given an absolute discharge at Preston Crown Court after an investigation found he was driving at 73mph in a 30mph zone. Aimson was convicted by a jury even though the 31 year old denied careless driving.


Judge Robert Altham granted the PC an absolute discharge referring to ”special reasons” for this.


The case was referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission by the Greater Manchester Police, which then carried out an investigation into the collision, finding that the PC was driving a marked police vehicle along King Street, Leigh when it happened.


The watchdog spotted a car travelling in the opposite direction, with the driver also travelling without wearing a seat belt.


The IPCC said he turned his vehicle around with the intention of stopping the car, accelerating to a speed of 73mph.


His actions were described as a ”shocking error” as he slowed to 64mph going through traffic lights which were on red suddenly causing him to crash into two vehicles and one to collide with a third.

One man’s injuries required surgery while the other four victims involved in the crash received minor injuries.


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