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The Role of a Motoring Lawyer

I’m often asked about the details of my work; defending motorists around the country.

People are curious – do I lie to get them off?  Do I believe their versions of events?  Do I really make a difference for them?

I believe that my answer to these questions is one of the reasons why Motoring Lawyers Online has quickly grown into a large, successful company with happy clients and valued staff.

I see my role and the role of my team very clearly:

We are the people who will be on your side.

Even for cases where a client wants to plead not guilty and all of the evidence looks to be against them, my role is definite.

Firstly, I have to use my legal knowledge to be realistic with them.  I have to inform them if their case doesn’t appear to be strong (this is why my firm don’t just advise every caller to plead not guilty and run an expensive trial – as we know some firms do), and I have to make them aware of the possible consequences for being found guilty at trial.

But, after all this, I have to tell them the most important thing:

“Only you know the truth.  If you tell me you are not guilty, I believe you, and me and my team will defend you to the best of our ability.”

When I say this, I mean it.

And that’s my role.

Other people might be able to learn the law, but I know for a fact nobody cares about a client’s case as much as we do.


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