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Solicitors for Exceptional Hardship: A Case Study

solicitors for exceptional hardship

Solicitors For Exceptional Hardship


In Sheffield Magistrates’ Court today, Emily Knowles was delighted with Steve Williams, Senior Partner of Forrest Williams, and the work of his team who had jointly prepared and then conducted her successful Exceptional Hardship application.


Emily’s application was made on the basis that, should she be disqualified from driving for a period of 6 months – which is the consequence of ‘totting up’ to 12 or more penalty points – then the people she employs would suffer significant financial loss as a result.


For Emily, who is an agent/driver for several well-known musicians, and who also runs a social club employing a dozen local people, the worry was not what would happen to her, but how the people closest to her would suffer.


Steve ensured that the magistrates understood this, and took time to detail exactly who would be affected – and how.


After reviewing the many documents Emily had prepared (under the close guidance of her case worker), the court’s decision was to allow Emily’s Exceptional Hardship application and not disqualify her.


That Emily could continue with her business, providing much-needed work and an income for many local people, was always her primary consideration.


The rigorous preparation of her case, and excellent advocacy skills of Steve Williams on the day of the hearing, meant that Emily’s life could continue as it had before. She told Forrest Williams that she was incredibly thankful for all the assistance she had received and that she would drive more carefully in future. She said that although her experience of court had been exhilarating, she had no ambitions to repeat it.


If you are facing an Exceptional Hardship application, call us now for an honest assessment of your case on 01623 397200.



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