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Tracy Johnson, Paralegal at Forrest Williams Solicitors


Alice Barker told her case worker that she had instructed Forrest Williams because they are specialist motoring lawyers in Mansfield, and one of her court hearings was listed at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.


Alice knew her case was complicated, and she told us she was glad that her case worker gave her time to explain what had happened, and also to ask lots of questions during her initial telephone call.


Alice explained that she had not just one but four motoring charges, listed at two local courts. The first two charges – failing to notify driver’s details and speeding – happened, she said, as a result of letting someone else drive her vehicle. Although she had informed the police who the driver was, within the time limit, she had been told that she had not completed the form correctly.


The second two charges – again failing to notify driver’s details and speeding – were, she told us, the result of her driving her own vehicle but failing to return the completed notice of intended prosecution (NIP) within the time limit due to an administrator who worked within her office not dealing very well with the paperwork side of things.


Alice, who runs her own business, explained that she took responsibility for the fact that she had been speeding on the second occasion, but that she honestly believed the NIP which she had completed had been posted back as it should have been.


As Alice had 6 points on her driving licence at the time of the alleged offences, her case worker made her aware that she was potentially in a ‘totting up’ situation which may lead to her being disqualified for 6 months on reaching 12 points. This is because the failing to notify driver’s details charges each carry 6 points.


Alice’s case worker made her aware that, although we would liaise with the authorities to try and have some of the charges discontinued, we could not guarantee this would work, so we would have to commence full Exceptional Hardship preparation.


However, after a period of intensive liaison, both charges relating to the first court hearing were discontinued. Alice was delighted.


Shortly afterwards would come the hearing at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court. Prior to the hearing, her case worker continued to liaise with the authorities, making them aware that Alice would plead guilty to the speeding charge but requesting that the second failing to notify driver’s details also be discontinued, for the reasons given above.


Alice was once again delighted when her case worker informed her that, subject to Alice pleading guilty to the speeding charge, the failing to notify driver’s details charge would be withdrawn at court.


So, as a direct result of skilful and persistent liaison by Forrest Williams, specialist motoring lawyers in Mansfield, Alice’s potential 12 points was reduced to just 3, for the speeding charge she admitted in court.


Alice said the results were better than she had dared to hope for, and that she would definitely recommend Forrest Williams to anyone worried about multiple charges and more than one hearing date. 


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