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Speeding Case: 85mph in a 50mph

When Olga Green first approached Forrest Williams after being caught driving at 85mph in a 50mph, she made it clear that the most important thing to her with regard to her forthcoming court hearing was doing everything possible to try and avoid a disqualification for her speeding offence.


Olga told us that she had been caught by a speed camera on the motorway doing 85mph in a 50mph zone. She explained that she could not give a reason for her speeding offence, and that she believes she may simply have failed to notice the signs indicating a restricted speed limit was in force on that stretch of road.


She realised, however, that the speeding offence would be treated seriously by the court as she was travelling at a speed so far over the legal limit.


Olga told her case worker that she needed to maintain her driving licence as she travels 40 miles each way to work and then back home every day. In addition, she explained that she has to drive for her work, so she can visit with customers across a wide geographical area.


Olga was understandably proud of the fact that, until this point, she had held a clean driving licence. In fact, she had never had any endorsements on her licence since she passed her driving test 10 years ago.


Her case worker explained that the penalties for her speeding offence of 85mph in a 50mph would be a fine and either a disqualification within the range 7-56 days OR 6 points. Olga said she would prefer the points, as she could afford to accept them onto her clean driving licence. Her case worker explained that it was not her choice and that the court, in any case, would be looking to punish her.


However, when Olga met with Steve Williams in Mansfield Magistrates’ Court for her hearing, he explained that he could mitigate on her behalf and try to persuade the court towards the sentence she could best work around.


Steve explained that, as she had been alone in the car at the time of the offence, the weather had been fine and clear and the traffic conditions light, these factors would help.


After making his representations to the court, the three magistrates retired briefly to confer and consider sentence. When they returned, Olga discovered that they had taken full account of Steve’s mitigation and, despite her fast speed of 85mph in a 50mph, she was given 6 points instead of the disqualification which she had been dreading.


Olga shook Steve’s hand and thanked him profusely. In the worst of circumstances, she said, it was the best possible outcome. 


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