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Speeding Case At Mansfield Magistrates Court

Another great result for a motoring client in Mansfield Magistrates Court yesterday.


The client was charged with speeding, and accepted doing double the speed limit so was facing a disqualification of up to 56 days – something he’d advised us he simply could not survive.



At this sort of speed the court are obviously considering a lengthy ban, our client had some good mitigation that we were able to put forward to the court.



There are never excuses for this sort of speed but sometimes the court are able to see that there may be a explanation as opposed to an excuse.



This very happy client left court with 6 points on his licence and still able to drive.



It’s easy to get this wrong. We sit in court most days of the week and hear defendants and indeed some solicitors make the position a lot worse.



The worst thing you can do is to make excuses or justify it. We cringe whenever we hear someone say ‘it was a clear road’ or ‘everyone else was doing the same speed’ You might as well just say ‘please add a few more weeks to my ban’. It gives the court the impression that you believe it was OK to speed and you are simply annoyed that you got caught.



We deal with speeding cases on a daily basis and are  able to present your case in the best possible light to make sure you get the best result.


If your licence is important to you then make sure you get an expert on your side. Call us on 01623 397200




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