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Case Study: Speeding Client Avoids Having Licence Revoked

In Nottingham Magistrates’ Court today, Mickey Brown told Steve Williams, Senior Partner of Forrest Williams, that he was very worried about the prospect of having his licence revoked and therefore returning to learner driver status.


When Mickey first approached us, he explained that he had been summoned to a court for a speeding offence of 100mph in a 70mph limit.


However, as his case handler soon realised, Mickey’s story was very different to the stereotypical assumptions that could easily be made of a ‘new’ driver who is charged with a serious speeding offence.


To begin with, Mickey is not a young ‘boy racer’ but a teaching professional who is approaching 30 years of age. In addition, he has a lot of driving experience both in the UK and abroad.


So why the speeding offence, you may ask.  Again, Mickey’s explanation of what happened on the date in question flies in the face of our common-sense understanding of what constitutes a speeding offence. Mickey explained to his case handler, as she prepared his case for court, that he had been making a long journey back home in a heavy storm when a lorry veered into his lane of the dual carriageway.  Mickey told us he had to make a very quick choice – to brake hard and risk skidding on the wet road, or to accelerate and move out of the way of the lorry.  Mickey did the latter.


At today’s hearing, Steve Williams advanced mitigation regarding the circumstances of the speeding offence, together with details regarding our client’s usual careful attitude towards driving, extensive driving experience and his clean driving licence.


Although the magistrates made very clear to Mickey that every person before them that day with a speeding offence had been disqualified, and gave Mickey a hard time in terms of how his speeding offence had occurred, in the end they were minded to award 5 penalty points – which meant that Mickey avoided the revocation he had been dreading.


Mickey told Steve after the hearing that he was very pleased with this outcome, as it meant that he could continue to drive to the various locations at which he delivers education, thereby ensuring there is no future threat to his employment.


Once again, the message from Forrest Williams is that representation is vitally important if you have been charged with a serious speeding offence. Mickey was the first (possibly only) defendant today, at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, to avoid a disqualification for a speeding offence. The facts speak for themselves.


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