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Case Study: Speeding Client Avoids Ban

Kira Donaghue was expecting to be disqualified for up to 56 days at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court this week, and had travelled to her hearing by public transport, in readiness for this ban (which she knew would take immediate effect).


Kira had been charged with a speeding offence – 56 mph in a 30 mph zone – but she had an unusual explanation when she first contacted Forrest Williams for help. It was not something we had heard before, but we listened carefully and quickly realised that Kira was not simply trying to excuse her unlawful behaviour, as people might expect.


Shortly before the speeding offence took place, Kira told us that she had been given a new company car, which was an Audi. Prior to this she had been driving a much older Ford.


Whilst Kira accepted that there would be a period of adjustment from one car to the other, she soon became concerned about the speedometer display in the new Audi. Due to its design, it was very difficult to accurately read what speed she was travelling at.


After the speeding offence, Kira – who had maintained a clean driving licence for over 25 years – started to do some research online. She was shocked to discover that other drivers had also been having problems with the speedometer display of the new Audi, and that the design problem had been acknowledged by the manufacturers.


After some investigation, Kira discovered how to set a digital speedometer on the dashboard, which was much easier to read whilst driving.


Following the advice and support of her case handler, Kira came to court with documentary evidence of the Audi’s speedometer problem.


She was represented at the hearing by an experienced motoring law barrister, who advanced mitigation and ensured that each magistrate had a copy of the paperwork to refer to.


It was clear that Kira had the sympathy and understanding of the bench, from the comments that were made.


The magistrates were minded to sentence Kira by way of a fine and 6 penalty points, which means she can continue to drive as before without disruption to her work and other commitments.


Kira told Forrest Williams she was delighted with this outcome, as she had been dreading a disqualification of almost 3 months’ duration.


She told her case handler that she had felt fully supported throughout the period of preparing her case for court, and thanked Forrest Williams and her barrister for their hard work, which had led to this much-appreciated result.   


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