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Case Study: Driver Caught Speeding At 110mph in 70mph Avoids Ban

Case Study: Driver Caught Speeding At 110mph in 70mph Avoids Ban


The relief that Anya Holmes experienced immediately after her hearing at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court was not for herself. Anya had been at pains to explain to her case handler at Forrest Williams that she was most concerned about the effect a disqualification would have on her young daughter, who was very ill and needed ongoing, regular medical attention.


Anya did not dispute that she had been speeding on the date in question but explained that she was conscious of running late for work, knowing the company she was temporarily employed by had a harsh late arrival policy.


Her recorded speed of 110mph in a 70mph zone was at the very top of the third (most serious) category, so punishable by way of a fine and either a short disqualification of 7-56 days or 6 penalty points.


Although Anya was proud of her clean driving licence, she realised that to accept the court’s preferred penalty of a disqualification would mean that she would struggle to take her daughter to hospital at short notice, as and when needed. (Her daughter’s illness meant regular and often unpredictable visits to both the GP surgery and the local hospital.)


During the hearing, Anya’s barrister mitigated forcefully on her behalf, detailing the severe medical problems her daughter had encountered so far in her young life, including a cardiac arrest followed by a medically-induced coma which resulted in a brain injury.


Whilst the magistrates could not condone speeding, they were minded to award 6 points and a financial penalty instead of a disqualification, due to the impact the latter would have on her daughter.


Anya told us that she had learned a valuable lesson, and that she will be mindful of her speed in future. She was grateful to the court for taking her personal circumstances into consideration and told Forrest Williams that she would not have been able to speak up for herself in the way her barrister did during the hearing. Anya felt that her instruction had been money well spent, as she achieved her preferred outcome and felt fully supported throughout the period leading up to – and including – her court hearing.


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