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Speeding Solicitor in Chesterfield Magistrates Court




Speeding Solicitor in Chesterfield Magistrates Court


Speeding Solicitor in Chesterfield Magistrates Court this week, representing Dennis Cosgrove.  He was elated when the District Judge passed sentence and he was informed that 6 points would be endorsed to his clean licence.


Dennis has been summoned to appear in court to answer a Speeding charge – 104mph in a 70mph limit.


He told us when he first called into our office that he had not realised the speed he was doing at the time, and that – unusually for him – he had not been using the cruise control facility for his vehicle.


Dennis explained to us that the car he was driving at the time was very powerful and said that he admitted the speeding offence. In his conversations with us, he made clear that he felt very remorseful about the incident and that he wanted to apologise to the court and promise it would never happen again.


As a result of a thoroughly prepared case, and strong mitigation by his professional legal advocate in court, Dennis managed to avoid the more likely fixed-term disqualification. This was very important to him as he works as a Financial Adviser, which means he has to travel across a large geographical area in order to meet with his clients.


In addition, Dennis shared with us that he does a lot of charity work with elderly people, for which he also makes good use of his driving licence.


Dennis told his case worker that he does around 20,000 miles a year and that even a short disqualification within the range 7 – 56 days (as indicated by the magistrates’ sentencing guidelines) would be a great hardship to him, and that many other people would be adversely affected by his inability to drive.


As part of the mitigation advanced by Dennis’s legal advocate, mention was made of the fact that Dennis has maintained a clean driving licence for at least the last 5 years, that he had held a driving licence for more than 40 years in total, that the weather had been good on the date of the speeding offence, the motorway not busy with other vehicles and that he had no passengers.


Dennis’s good character and charitable activities were also highlighted – but in a way which it would be difficult for a defendant to do for themselves in court, as our services can ensure a professional distance is maintained and therefore a degree of objectivity.


As the court systems and processes are essentially evidence-based, Dennis was also guided carefully by his dedicated case worker through the preparation, review and editing of several supporting documents, which he then took with him to the court hearing.


For Dennis, the outcome was the best he could have hoped for in the circumstances. He had admitted the offence, apologised to the court and thrown himself on the mercy of the District Judge. However, even in so doing there were sentencing options at the court’s disposal. We were happy to assist Dennis in achieving a result he was satisfied with. 


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