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Speeding Solicitors Avoid Ban in Mansfield Magistrates Court

Speeding Solicitors Avoid Ban in Mansfield Magistrates Court

In Mansfield Magistrates’ Court today, Delia Kingston managed to avoid a disqualification for her speeding offence. She was delighted about this result.

After listening to her mitigating circumstances as presented by Steve Williams, Senior Partner of Forrest Williams, the decision of the bench was to award 6 penalty points, something Delia could live with as she had a clean driving licence at the time of the speeding offence.

Delia, who has held her driving licence for almost 30 years, explained to her case worker that it was important she try to avoid a disqualification, however limited in length, as she needed to be able to drive to do her job.

Her management role, she told Forrest Williams, involved her travelling between 9 factories, all in different locations not easily accessible by public transport.

In addition, her unsociable – and unpredictable – hours of work would also have made the use of public transport very difficult, if not impossible, even in the short term.

Delia had written a letter of remorse for her court appearance and had also brought to the hearing several character reference letters. She told her case worker after the hearing that one of the things she had most valued about the bespoke services offered by Forrest Williams was the proof reading of her draft letters and feedback which ensured that each of her letters was appropriate for the court’s formal setting in layout, tone and content.

Delia thanked everyone at Forrest Williams for the support she had received before and during her court hearing.  She added that she would not hesitate to recommend our services to anyone charged with a motoring offence and worried about their forthcoming court date.    

If you have been charged with a speeding offence, call our expert team now on 01623 397200 for a 30 minute consultation to discuss your case.

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